Winter in NYC Photoshoot

Guess what I did this past weekend? As Greg took off to his photography class on Sunday to help his teacher Carl with his class on Platinum Printing, I set up to do a photo shoot of my candles so I can upload them on my site. It was perfect timing, I needed some time and space to work on my own stuff. Part of setting included lighting up some of the candles I am selling to help me get into a creativity mood. I thought to use many of the unique antiques we recently bought from traveling to Connecticut and Rhode Island. But before all this I needed my morning energy juice: broccoli, carrots, anise, cabbage, apple and banana and of course, how can I forget, my coffee . While drinking a coffee and thinking how would I should shoot them to show them off in the best light for my show but at the same time to shoot for Christmas as the holidays, which are around the corner. First I brought and placed them on the table with this antique scale.

This beautiful scale, which Greg will be really mad at me if I try to sell it, is one of the few things we bought at Adam's place to be used as a prop for my show in December.

 I also wanted to incorporate the bouquet of flowers Greg bought for me one night before which I really and absolutely loved it. I cut off some of the branches and I placed them in these small antique bottles we use for decoration. So I started to take pictures of  candles I thought will match with this kind of setting. I shot some pictures and then swapped the candles around using the same props but taking pictures from different angles. Most of the time I used the new tripod Greg recently bought which helped with the subject being in focus because it was shot with available light and I also used the 25 mm lenses which is my favorite lens to shoot.

These are some of my pictures.

I had fun as well with the Christmas decorations using different mason jars painted with different colors. Here are some of the pictures.


I started shooting around 8 am and I stopped by 3 pm. By that time, my back was in complete pain, however, I was so happy that I did what I did as by the end of the day I felt fulfilled. I usually hate Sundays but I didn't hate this one.