The value of the hard work...

Thank you for coming back! It has been a great week for me as I have been reading great articles, which I would love to share them with you. I follow the Design Sponge site and I frequently read the Biz Ladies section. What caught my eye the other day was the article titled: After the jump: The value of hard work.

We all want to be rich within 1 week of opening a business because we often read and listen to such wonderful stories of people getting rich by starting their business in their garage such as the very well-known case of Steve Jobs or Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg or moving up the ladder as Oprah Winfrey did from broadcasting to WVOL radio in Nashville to very successful woman followed by million people all over the world. When we hear all these wonderful stories, it's easy to dream that one day we can be successful too.

Dreaming is good and free but that’s not sufficient to make it a reality: Time, effort and sacrifice we need to encounter when started our first new job or when open a new business. In the Design Sponge article it was mentioned that by going the slow route, you build the skills you need in order to be successful. While it is great to hit the lottery and be instantly successful, you may not knowing how to manage a business or deal with the problems that will arise in the future. By taking the long slow road you are more prepared for future obstacles.

When I upload a post on my site, I go back to see if someone made a comment or liked my photos and get disappointed when I see no comments were made, and always ask myself how people like Miss Mustard Seed or Annie Sloan or Design Sponge get so many people to follow them. First of all I have to keep reminding my self that they have been writing blogs and have been in business for many years. I just started this business and not many people know about it yet and instead of getting disappointed I need to think about ways how to attract people to come back to me with comments, with your experiences and so on.

What has been your first job and how hard you worked to move up the ladder? What did it take you to get recognized and valued? What did you sacrifice? Did you move to another country? Did you leave your family because of your job? Don’t be afraid to share the story. You don’t even need to mention your name.

 If you have some time and even if you do not have it but make it available for you, you can read the article or listen to it at