Velvet Versailles

Today I was working with this beautiful teacup. It is one of my favorites. I don’t know who is the maker but its condition is perfect. There are no cracks, or chips.

Beautiful Vintage Teacup

Beautiful Vintage Teacup

The details in the cup and the saucer are exquisite, and are carefully finished. Gorgeous lush roses adorn this flared teacup and saucer. The gold details all around the teacup mix elegantly with the roses

Vintage Teacup candle

As you may have noticed, I love vivid colors and especially the red:). As promised in my previous post, I did pour lilac in it. Refreshing and soft, not a heavy smell, lilac is one of my favorite fragrances.

Are you looking forward to your favorite vintage teacup and fragrance? Please stay tuned. I will post soon new empty teacups and you will have the opportunity to choose the fragrance for yourself.