Ooh La La travels to stores near you

Mason Jar candle

I am glad to announce that our Ooh La La candles are now sold in two beautiful stores:

Whimsicality is the first store that opened it's doors to carrying the Ooh La La Petite Boutique Candles. The store is located in Spring Lake, New Jersey. When Greg and I go to Manasquan we always stop in to admire the store even before we started making candles. The store has such a great selection of high quality home decor that stands out and delivers what Spring Lake is known for, elegant stores with wonderful selection of quality products.

When we thought about the stores where we would like to sell our candles in NJ, Whimsicality is the first one that came to our minds. When we met with Elke, the owner of the store, she made the time to chat with us and was willing to look at my candles. I loved talking to her and after a hour long conversation I learned a lot about how to sell to the stores that might carry my candles.

Kiwi is the other store that is selling our candles. It is my dream to see my candles sold in small boutiques in Brooklyn where they only carry unique items or clothing they designed themselves. That place is definitely Kiwi. Located on 119 Seventh Avenue, in Park Slope Brooklyn. The two co-owners of Kiwi are Marlene Siegel, the Retail Wiz and Christine Alcalay the Designer of her own label of clothing. Between the two of them, they know how to perfectly decorate and arrange the store. Their collection of clothing and accessories are carefully selected from over 100 designers and manufacturers and we are proud they selected us to work with them.

When Greg and I went to the store to talk with Marlene and Christine about them possibly selling our candles to their store both of them and all their employees were very interested in in looking at our candles. Once they looked at our mason jars painted in copper and coated with a special patina activator, Marlene immediately made the first order.

So this is how our collaboration with two beautiful stores with such wonderful, inspiring and very interesting people, began. I have learned so much from them.

Our “Where to buy” page is updated regularly and we are in constant talks with new stores so keep an eye out for future stores in your area that may carry our candles.