Venecia: New line with new fragrances

The old Venecia

The old Venecia

Some exciting news for those of you who swear by your Ooh La La Candle. We are launching a new product line that’s inspired by Italy famous cities Venice, Florence, Rome and Palermo and promises to pair well with the design of our catalog. This line will include four separate collections (Venice; Copper color treated with a green patina solution, Florence; Copper treated with a blue patina solution, Rome; Bronze Color with treated with a green patina solutions and Palermo; Bronze treated with a blue patina solutions), which will be painted on mason, and jelly jars.

When we initially were deciding on the colors we wanted to carry, we were trying to bring the feeling of historic Italy to your home.

Venecia as Italians call it, will be the first in our new line  to be introduced. The magic city with the green domes of its famous church of San Simeon Piccolo that everybody fell in love with. Now you can bring that beauty and elegance to your home in the form of a candle. I remember the city as very old and what mostly struck me initially was the San Simeon Piccolo church. This eye-catching church will be the first Venetian icon that you see of this magical city. It gave me an optimistic start of my trip. It has been said that the church was founded in the 9th Century, but the first documented reference is to the church's consecration was in 1271.

Now that summer is approaching we thought that our candles would be great for your patio and keep pesky mosquitoes away from decks, campsites, and other outdoor areas. For this reason, we added in our line Citronella fragrance. Infused with the oil of the citronella plant, this classic scent combines a top note of green citrus with a bottom note of fresh clean camphor.

Slowly we will introduce our products to you online and in the stores that carry our products.

In the meantime enjoy our first product, Venecia which will be followed by Florence or Firenze as Italians call it.