A Bazaar Night in Brooklyn


I received a message the other day from my very good friend Tracey. It was a photo that she took of the poster announcing the "Brooklyn Night Bazaar" with her text saying: you guys should apply and get into the show. As I always I followed her advise and immediately Googleed Brooklyn Night Bazaar. This is not your grandfathers bazaar. There will be live music, artwork and wonderful food from vendors like Bareburger, Anderson's 1949 and Oaxaca. I immediately filled out a form and  Voilà voilà (as they say in Paris) a few minutes later I received the confirmation that my application was successfully sent. The very next day I got an email from one of the sales representatives that we are approved, followed by some beautiful words about how much they liked our candles and they wanted us to be part of the show.

I was born and raised in Europe, while spending some beautiful years in Spain I traveled all over Europe where the idea of bazaar ( a Turkish name which in Albanian language is pazar) especially in summer is very common. It is usually related with people selling art in the street and also being able to eat and listen music and see all kind of performance. So, Brooklyn is creating a bazaar and Greg and I are participating with our candles and photos.

This will be the first time we do any kind of market or bazaar. That said, we need your support and  it would be greatly appreciated if you could share this with your friends and come to Brooklyn and visit us. Bring your friend, I promise it will be a fun night.

Brooklyn Night Bazaar
165 Banker Street, Brooklyn 11222
Friday 11th July 8pm-1am
Saturday 12th July 7pm-1am

See you soon...in Brooklyn, the hottest spot in the world.



Eni and Greg