From “Hasta luego Inwood” to “How you doin Brooklyn”

We wished we could have read the " I live in Manhattan because I can't afford Brooklyn" statement before buying our new place in Brooklyn. And that’s the reason why you might have noticed our absence on our ooh la la site. However, we have lots of surprises for you once this moving is all done and we are settled in our new place.

We have been looking for a new place to call home for a while and finally we decided to buy this beautiful two family house in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. When our two agents showed us the place I told Greg that we could not go with this one. The house was not yet renovated and we still could see the pink shag carpets and green walls. I remember Greg turned to me and said, "Eni trust me this is going to be a beautiful place." I usually trust Greg as our tastes are very similar, but I said if this turns to be as bad as I am picturing, I don’t think we will buy it. Meanwhile we never stopped looking at other places and noticing that the prices were going up every day. There were days that we could see from 5-6 place per day. Although, scared as we may have already been priced out of even Crown Heights, we never lowed our expectations: We needed a basement where Greg and I will work on our candles and photography. Keeping in mind what we wanted and sticking into it, we signed the contract this past December. Guess how we spent our Christmas and New Years Eve: moving our stuff to our new place.

Excited as we were to live in our new spacious place in Brooklyn (where already found some cute restaurants) we both will miss Inwood. As much as I hated my apartment, it is the first place that Greg and I lived together with lots of beautiful and not so beautiful memories created there. 

What I will miss from my daily trip to work is the moment the bus crosses one of the bridges. I would always stop reading and looking over the river to the cloisters. The view is mesmerizing no matter what season we were in: whether it was snowing, raining, foggy or sunny. The view was so inspiring.

We will miss our local coffee bar/ restaurant " Indian Road cafe” and our bakery “Darling Café” which were changing the neighborhood and creating a great community and taking this community to a next level. We used to go to Indian Road cafe almost every week for a drink or dinner, listen to their live music or celebrating Halloween or other events organized by the owners. It was really great. I noticed how that neighborhood has changed gradually these past 4 years, but change is not always good. With the change we saw the price of the coops rise enormously and many people were also priced out as we were.

Greg and I used to run on the weekends following the bike path on the west side starting on 200th street. Each Saturday on the way back we used to stop at the farmers market to buy our vegetables and apple cider, hot during the winter and cold during the summer. The change of the community, I noticed, at the number people would go to the farmers market, which was growing each year. It was great living in Inwood but it was the time for us to move on and buying this two family house in Crown Height and which will give us more opportunity to do what we really want to do.

Greg is writing in his blog about our whole experience from hunting for a place in Brooklyn to buying and dealing with problems we are having since we moved in, especially during this extraordinary, shocking and unexpected cold spell. Check out his blog here for Part one about tips on what to look at when buying a new place and how to deal with Real Estate agents who appear to be so "great" when you agree on signing the contract but will disappear once that contract is signed. Enjoy