Singer Sewing Machine and Crock Jar Candles

Since the first day we got into our new home we have been actively searching for cool new things that will make our place feel more like home. I have to be careful though, I am afraid of buying to many beautiful antiques and not being able to find the right place for them in our house. However, today I am showing you this wonderful antique piece we recently bought which reminds me of my grandmother. It's a Singer sewing machine from the early 20th century. This machine, known as the best sewing machine ever, was first established in 1851 by Isaac Merritt Singer with New York lawyer Edward Clark.

When I saw it, I immediately thought that it would work great as a nightstand for me. The machine is in great condition. We did have to clean the table with water and vinegar and carefully applied hemp oil. We let it soak in for a couple of hours so the oil would revive the color of the wood, it came out perfectly.

I love the small drawers with their detailed handles. I use the drawers to hold things such as the remote control, my glasses and my night cream.

As much as I love its base and legs with their amazing details that are twirled around each other, it took me a great amount of time to clean them. I could tell that it hadn’t been cleaned for a long time.

We were supposed to finish cleaning and organizing our basement today but instead we took pictures all day. Since the Singer was our favorite piece we decided to use it as a prop for shooting these two beautiful Crock Jar Candles. I bought the jars years ago and I am very happy that I am using them as candles. They may seem as though they are exactly the same, but in fact they are not, the color of the jars are slightly different. I used Amber and Fig Tree fragrances for the candles because they have such a warm and inviting scent. You can find the candles here.

In the background you can see a Chocolate Polaroid photo Greg took in France. The film is no longer made so it is very unique. The box that says Lumiere is a box of glass plate negatives from France that have some really cool old photos on them from the 1920's and the bottle is a vintage Apothecary jar that we just love.

What's you idea for a nightstand and how would you decorate it?