Chelsea Market

I told Greg yesterday that I wanted to do something after work even if it is  just walking in the street since the weather seems to be nicer in the evening. Without deciding where to go, we started walking towards Chelsea Market. It was a beautiful evening compared to the last few days…mmm  I can't remember when was the last time we had a pleasant evening like this one. I don’t want to sound negative but this winter is so depressing. It seems that it will take some more time before I can put my blankets away.

Greg brought a Sony A7II camera he borrowed from work and we were walking and talking and taking pictures. I love the camera, it has such a unique look to the pictures I take with it. Once in the Chelsea Market we stopped in front of a Floral shop and I started to take some pictures. At that moment, I thought how beautiful it is to start the day with so cold and end the day with some spring moments. For all of you that are not living in the Northeast, all I can say is, it's magical.

Since we are leaving for Spain in couple of days, we promised ourselves to get some flowers the next time we are at the market.

The next post will be about our trip to Barcelona (the first time for Greg) and Madrid, so stay tune for some cool photos and stories.

Hasta Pronto