Striving for a peaceful, healthy and happy New Year

Today I was thinking about 2015, the year that is about to leave us and I can easily say that it was a good one. I can't say that it was the most successful one but it was a decent one. Success it is not always measured with money, it is often measured with the goals that one wants to achieve. One of our goals was to go back to Spain to meet my brother and my friends and Greg also wanted to see Barcelona. It is a very unique city for its architecture thanks to one of the greatest architecture, Gaudi, and it may one day be the city where Greg and I will live. We had a great time with everyone in Barcelona.

During Christmas, I really miss my mom and I wish I had her here. I am looking forward to the day where I will show her the city, the places I visit here and enjoy the most, walking the High Line or finding ourselves sitting somewhere in Central park. Although I did not have my mom this year, my very close friends, one that lives in Canada and the other one that lives in Albania came to NYC. We reunited after almost 15 years and it was interesting to see that in some ways we haven't changed at all and yet we are so different in others ways. Seeing them was refreshing and re-energizing.

Although not all of our goals this year have been fulfilled yet, we are still grateful that we have a wonderful family and friends supporting us on whatever we decide to do. We are very thankful that we enjoy what we do and hopefully you will also appreciate our creative and unique candles.

Recently I was working on this candle which is one of my favorite pieces because the colors of the flowers are so vivid and it reminds me each time I see it that life should be vivid, full of colors and turn that negativity into something positive. 

On that note, stay tuned for our announcements in social media or in our blog for our upcoming events. The next one will be on the weekend of February 6-7th, 2016 @Artist and Fleas in Williamsburg.  More details to follow soon.

Here are some photos from yesterday, I hope you enjoy them. With that, I would like to wish you a healthy, peaceful and Happy New Year.

Lots of Love,

Eni and Greg

1st day in Madrid

When Greg and I want to go somewhere where we can really escape and relax, without doubt, Spain is the place for us. Always great friends, food and weather, Spain never disappoints us. To escape the many things of New York, especially the weather, we bought the tickets with the idea in mind to also celebrate my birthday there. My very good friend Miguel welcomed us in his flat in Madrid located in the city center.

The spring landed in Madrid much earlier than in NYC and we felt it in the air, trees, people and of course you could see it in our faces. People in the street talking and smiling at you…I had an ambiguous feeling while I was walking in street. It made me feel so strange and weird to be in Madrid as a tourist. For a moment I felt angry and jealous that I was not living in Spain anymore. The feeling went away when I let myself enjoy and embrace what I have now, the moments with Greg while there. I felt rejuvenated, relaxed and going with the wonderful breeze that took us in the coolest corners of Madrid.

So the first day we arrived in Madrid, we were alone. My best friend Graciela was away so we started walking toward Principe de Vergara towards Puerta de Alcala and stopped to this beautiful dessert store where we bought this delicious, and indescribable peace of art that melted as soon as it landed in our mouths.


I am always touched and my heart beats irregularly when I start to talk in Spanish. I said to the girl behind the counter that I lived in Spain for so many years and I just love this city. She smiled and handed me another dessert, my favorite one during la Semana Santa (Easter) called, Torrijas.


And then of course we headed to La Latina where we had our first stop and first Salmorejo in La Perejila. La Perejila is this coolest place in Cava Baja area of La Latina. It is very small place and it always full. They serve food until 1 am in the morning. Each time we go to Madrid our first stop is there.

For those that do not know what Salmorejo is, you don’t know what you are missing. Salmorejo is a very thick tomato, garlic and bread soup, garnished with Jamon Iberico and eggs. It is usually shared among friends but this time Greg and I decided to get two, one for each of us.

We stuffed ourselves with Salmorejo, pan con tomate with olive oil, Jamon  and Croquetas de Jamon. We washed it down with Vino tinto, Sangria and  licor de Jerez.

la latina madrid
la latina madrid
la latina madrid
la latina madrid
la latina madrid

We finished dinner the Spanish way with Tinto de Verano (it is simpler than sangria, normally made up of 1 part of red wine and 1 part gaseosa. Gaseosa is a general term for sodas and carbonated drinks, but the preferred mixer is a mild-flavored, low-sugar, carbonated lemonade, of which La Casera is the best known brand).

As all this was not enough we headed to El Mercado de San Miguel where we had our Vermouth and un chupito de Yogourt con fresa y mango.

el mercado de san miguel madrid
el mercado de san miguel madrid
el mercado de san miguel madrid

Barcelona was the next place we headed to immediately the next day. So stay tuned for some cool places in Barcelona, which I do hope will be the next city we plan to live in. Ole….