New Collection of Candles

tea cup

These days I have been taking photos with one of Greg's favorite cameras which he bought recently, the Sony A7RII and it’s really nice. Setting up the studio for the photo shoot, using the right props and getting the lights out is something that requires me to be in the right mood and energy level. I feel like when starting a new project (new shooting project in this case), the creative part of the brain initially needs some exercise to warm up. I have noticed this in my photos, I never really like the first photos at the beginning of each shoot. Gradually I see my photos get better and better as I take them and the use the camera. With that, recently I had some free time to take photos. I would love to share them with you because I think they are perfect for St. Valentines Day. 

Talking about St. Valentines Day we will be back @artistsandfleas in Williamsburg, Brooklyn for the weekend of Feb 6-7. Don't forget to stop by and smell the love of our candles. 

Artist and Flea Market show

Candles in the garden

Soooo, my big event is less than a week away and I am finishing the last candles tagging them and making sure that I am ready for it!

The event that is coming up is the Artist and Flea Market located at 70 North 7th Brooklyn, Williamsburg, NY. It’s on Saturday, September 12-13, 2015 starting at 10:00 am.  This is my first year participating in this market and I am so excited to be there. Many of the vendors will be there along with some more new ones this year. Please come down, it would be great to see you there.

Here are some of the candles I will carry at the show.

tea cup candle
tea cup candle
vita tea cup candle
tea cup candle
tea cup candle
egg  shaped trinket candle
mason jar candles
mason jar candles
mason jar candles
halloween candles

Brooklyn Bazaar

Our booth at Brooklyn Bazaar

Our booth at Brooklyn Bazaar

Hey There,

Greg and I wanted to share with you our experience from the BK Bazaar, which I must say that it  was wonderful and of course exhausting. We would not have had been able to make it happen without the enormous help of our friend Toon who drove with us to Brooklyn with a car full of trunks, crates candles and other props. I felt I was driving to Morocco and instead of Brooklyn. 

For those that are not aware of the BK Bazaar, it is located in Greenpoint at 165 Banker St, and it is open Fridays and Saturdays from 7pm-1am. This is what the place looks like on the outside...

BK Bazaar

The first day I was so anxious as I did not know what to expect. I hoped that people would like my booth the way it was designed, as well as my candles. With full confidence I must say that our booth was one of the best decorated booths there, people would approach it and say out loud that they never ever had seen such a thing before. The coordinator of the BK bazaar came to us and congratulated us, confirming once again, how cool our booth was.

Here are some of the photos

Me at the booth

Me at the booth

Many of our friends came to support us and I really thank them and appreciate the time they took to come and see us. A big thanks to all of them.

Toon printed our Ooh La La sign from his Uptown Fine Art printing studio. He did a stunning job.

People were impressed with our vintage teacup and trinkets. We used our vintage suitcases to display them and I also used some of the vintage gloves and hats of Aunt Agnes. We used lot of vintage props, old perfumes of Aunt Agnes, her gloves, a vintage makeup bag that Greg bought for me. This part of the booth truly represented the old and the vintage.

Vintage teacup candle
vintage teacup candle

On the other part of the table we had vintage mason jars or balls. They were placed at the crates our cousin Marie gave us, during our trip to Pennsylvania. Here we also used as a props some of Greg old cameras, a vintage lantern that we bought in Albania and some old spoons. Some of the mason jars I painted and some I left them as they were, with their original color. People loved them, loved the display and also the smell of the candles too.

Unique vintage mason jars and crocks candles

Unique vintage mason jars and crocks candles

Vintage mason jar candles

We also brought some painted mason jars. People were surprised when I was telling them that I paint them and distress them by hand, one by one so no two come out to be the same. I remember one young guy came to me and said: I am so gay for candles. His girlfriend was laughing next to him. He bought one of the mason jars. The mason jars were placed on the top of the vintage toolbox and old army suitcase we bought from Greg’s friend Adam who owned a vintage store in Rhode Island. On top of the toolbox we also placed our water pitcher and bowl that was filled with lavender we bought it in Pennsylvania.

Hand Painted mason jars candles
Hand painted mason jar candles

The Polaroid Transfers from Expired Film Studios added to the whole theme. The Polaroids are hand transferred to all different types of cool paper. Everything from watercolor paper to rice paper. Most of the images were from Paris. Here are some of his photos.

expired film studios

As you can see we used lots of props to decorate our booth, and the outcome was just great. People were coming in our booth taking lots of pictures and buying our candles.

Some of the vintage candles and trinkets are marked as sold out on my site. I sold them at the bazaar. Soon I will upload new ones, so stay in touch. Here is a sneak peak at two of them.

Next stop, fame!

We have been reading lot of articles about marketing and most of them point out one fact: Having professional photos are very important for branding your product and making it to stand out from the rest. Greg and I have been working very hard to take quality photos and we are very proud that Vera Wang liked the photo in Instagram.


Here is the photo below. Yeahhh!!!!


Shamrock Kiss

Greg and I worked on many different cool things yesterday, painting mason jars, mixing paint and also finding the perfect teacup for the big day, St. Patrick’s Day. We searched in our vintage teacup collections and we found this pretty small piece that will symbolize this year our St. Patrick Day.


Why green color and Shamrock….

Did you know that originally, the color associated with Saint Patrick’s was blue? But then over the years the color green was associated with Saint Patrick because of the legend that he had used the shamrock (which of course is green) to illustrate the doctrine of the Trinity. The Trinity is the idea that God is really three-in-one: The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit. The color green is representative of Irish Catholics. The color for the Irish Protestants' is orange. The modern Irish flag, a tricolor of green, white and orange was created in the mid-19th century before Ireland attained independence. It is meant to symbolize the desire for peace between Catholics and Protestants. In the late 1700s when Ireland was struggling for independence, "green" was worn as a color of sympathy for the Irish cause to such a degree that wearing the color green was outlawed around 1776. Another reason for the association of green is the quite literally because Ireland is very green, which led to Irish poets to refer to Ireland as the "Emerald Isle".

We usually would go to NJ to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with Greg’s family but this year plans were changed. We will stay in the city and attend the parade and of course meet with our very good friend John in an Irish pub for a toast. Are you going to a party for St. Patrick’s Day? The teacup would be a perfect gift for the host and a bottle of Macallan wouldn’t hurt either.