Happy Easter

This year we decided to spend Easter in an amazing city, Barcelona. I find Barcelona to be a happy city all year around with great weather and food, the best combination for vacation. Each time I come here I am amazed of the architecture, which is all very unique to this place, ads to the whole experience. As I have mentioned previously on my blog, this is the first trip for Greg to Barcelona and he can’t stop capturing the best of this city with his vintage cameras. We love it and hope one day we will be able to stay longer so we can fully appreciate everything Barcelona has to offer.

Since Easter is all about celebration, and joy we thought it will be fun to paint  these  eggs with Annie Sloan Chalk paint. 

Enjoy this Easter Sunday and follow us for more stories from our trip to Spain. I will add more candles poured in vintage porcelain eggs on my site soon so stay tuned. 



New and Fresh Arrivals: A Touch of Spring

Hi Guys, I have been working on some exciting new products for a while in our NYC Studio. Here is a teaser for our new products to be released in about a week with new colors and fragrances. Can you guess what they are?

More to come.......



Candles for Spring

Candles for Spring

More colors,more fragrances to come

More colors,more fragrances to come

Talking about colors…

Spring and summer are on the way (hopefully sooner rather than later) so I am trying to think of bright colors when I choose the colors I want to paint my jars. The Annie Sloan chalk paint colors are just amazing and you can do so much with them alone or by mixing them with each other.

The Shabby chic, that chalk paint creates, has made our place so unique. Unique because the old, is now turned into this brand new French cottage style piece of furniture.

If you really like the French style, retro chic, you will be amazed with the potential of this paint. We are experimenting with our furniture, jars and photo frames and the results are stunning.

Today I experimented with some of the colors we bought recently. I painted this jar with the Provence color first. I let it dry and then I applied a coat of Country Grey Paint. After that coat dried, I took sand paper and distressed it slightly, letting the Provence color show through. The last step, I apply Annie Sloan Dark Wax. It gives that dirty, old vintage, rustic look. No two jars will come out exactly the same. It is so fun to work with the paint and can’t wait to try mixing two or even three colors with each other.


A little bit about the color….

The colors of the Annie Sloan chalk paint are a beautiful pastel color, inspired from European furniture of the 1700′s. Chalk Paint is very safe to work with, it is water based and with extremely low VOC’s. There is virtually no odor to chalk paint. It is safe not only to you but also the environment. Initially, Annie Sloan designed the Chalk Paint to use it on furniture only, but nowadays people are using it to paint their floors, and walls. You can easily create a natural and soft patina.

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