Happy Easter

This year we decided to spend Easter in an amazing city, Barcelona. I find Barcelona to be a happy city all year around with great weather and food, the best combination for vacation. Each time I come here I am amazed of the architecture, which is all very unique to this place, ads to the whole experience. As I have mentioned previously on my blog, this is the first trip for Greg to Barcelona and he can’t stop capturing the best of this city with his vintage cameras. We love it and hope one day we will be able to stay longer so we can fully appreciate everything Barcelona has to offer.

Since Easter is all about celebration, and joy we thought it will be fun to paint  these  eggs with Annie Sloan Chalk paint. 

Enjoy this Easter Sunday and follow us for more stories from our trip to Spain. I will add more candles poured in vintage porcelain eggs on my site soon so stay tuned. 



Holiday Frame of Mind

You may have already seen our Green and Red Duotone holiday candle, but now we are releasing three more limited edition, just for the holidays, candles. These Candles are hand painted with a Matte Gold, Silver and Copper color to match the ornaments on your trees. Besides, why should the trees get all the Bling. You can also order them with our two new scents, Elderberry, a sweet aromatic scent that is like a mixture of Strawberries and currants that are sometimes used in wine and Pine Cone, an unmistakable scent of fresh cut pine with notes of balsam and patchouli to put you in a holiday frame of mind.

Check out some of the photos we took of them this past week.

Suite Pieces welcomes Ooh La La Candles


The first time I heard about Annie Sloan Chalk Paint was from Greg. He was following many blogs that wrote about the paint, how easy it was to use it especially on old vintage furniture and how beautiful and clean the end product would come out. From old and beat up furniture to new shabby chic. It is amazing what this paint can do. Greg and I follow Annie Sloan and Miss Mustard Seeds blogs and learned a lot from Annie and Marianne about how to use the paint and what kind of brush and wax can be applied to give a certain look. We are just fascinated and are now creating our own style based on the look we want our furniture to have.

Initially we got the paint from England but then we found a store in NJ that started to carry Annie Sloan products. We were super excited that could buy it easily in the states and were able to avoid the extra shipping costs.

I try to connect with like-minded people on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest) and so I contacted Annie Sloan asking her where I could find her paint in NYC. I was so happy to find out that I was able to find her paint in Greenpoint in a cute little store called Suite Pieces. Corina and Amanda, the owners of the store are so sweet and always happy to give you tips on how to use not only the Annie’s chalk paint but also on how to use other products to enhance your furniture. At Suite Pieces, Corina and Amanda carry a variety of products ready to be applied on any furniture, frames, and jars.

When I first met Corina, I went to buy Napoleonic Blue Chalk Paint. We were talking to her about the store and how happy we were to find Suite Pieces so that we do not need to take the train to go to NJ just to get the paint.


She curiously asked what I was going to do with the paint and I told her that I needed my paint to for my mason jars candles. I gave her my card and she really loved my candles and she wanted to sell them in her store.

Another great thing about Suite Pieces is that Corina and Amanda offer classes on how to use the paint. I totally recommend to all of you who would love to get into a new hobby to take one of her classes. You would love the fact how productive you will feel when you see that you just gave life to an old and shabby furniture. Check out her classes schedule and the price list here.

Here are so of the pictures Greg and I took. 

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint colors

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint colors

Miss Mustard Seeds Paint

Miss Mustard Seeds Paint

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint



See you soon Corina and Amanda.