Shamrock Kiss

Greg and I worked on many different cool things yesterday, painting mason jars, mixing paint and also finding the perfect teacup for the big day, St. Patrick’s Day. We searched in our vintage teacup collections and we found this pretty small piece that will symbolize this year our St. Patrick Day.


Why green color and Shamrock….

Did you know that originally, the color associated with Saint Patrick’s was blue? But then over the years the color green was associated with Saint Patrick because of the legend that he had used the shamrock (which of course is green) to illustrate the doctrine of the Trinity. The Trinity is the idea that God is really three-in-one: The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit. The color green is representative of Irish Catholics. The color for the Irish Protestants' is orange. The modern Irish flag, a tricolor of green, white and orange was created in the mid-19th century before Ireland attained independence. It is meant to symbolize the desire for peace between Catholics and Protestants. In the late 1700s when Ireland was struggling for independence, "green" was worn as a color of sympathy for the Irish cause to such a degree that wearing the color green was outlawed around 1776. Another reason for the association of green is the quite literally because Ireland is very green, which led to Irish poets to refer to Ireland as the "Emerald Isle".

We usually would go to NJ to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with Greg’s family but this year plans were changed. We will stay in the city and attend the parade and of course meet with our very good friend John in an Irish pub for a toast. Are you going to a party for St. Patrick’s Day? The teacup would be a perfect gift for the host and a bottle of Macallan wouldn’t hurt either.