Lavender and Lemongrass Soap

I am lucky, and in some ways I feel like it is a gift, to have some time for myself after work to use it in a creative way. I have never thought that I would be getting so involved with making body products, soaps and lotions. My creativity has been going wild, working with so many butters and smelling so many essential oils; I find it hard to decide on what to work next.  Then Greg brings me down earth and tells me to stick to the plan. It is hard though, I am always tempted to change recipes, substituting this butter with this one and always wondering if I combine certain essential oils, what will the fragrance be like. My mind always wants to create something new. However, I promised that I would stick to the original recipes for this soap.

We worked originally on making our first soap using some very helpful instructions from various places. But since we didn’t have essential oils to use for this soap we waited to put it out there until we became more familiarized with the cold process technique and for me to get my first supplies of essential oils and butters. The wait was worth it because the next soap we made is really great. The design was not the best, we were still struggling, but the smell of it was so relaxing and calming.

So for the second batch we used the Lavender and Lemongrass soap, which was a more elaborate recipe requiring clays and spirulina powder. So for this soap we used hot process technique, which I thought it was quite long as a process or maybe I was just so impatient as always. The soap is finished adding lavender buds on the top of the soap,which I thought it will add more to the design. The smell is fantastic; the clean scent of the lemongrass mixed with the subtle scent of lavender is just perfect.

I love taking pictures of my soap using this vintage wash bin that I bought when Greg and I were in Rhode Island.

Introducing a new product to Ooh La La


For quite sometime I have been thinking of making soaps or other body or facial products. As the concern about what we buy and use is increasing each day whether it is organic, or it is good for my skin or even not being able to understand the labels sometimes, I am thinking to start and make my own soaps which will be 100% essential oils and organic butters. I am SO excited with this idea that I already bought my first batch of lye, coconut oil, grapefruit seed extract powder, mold and new scale. Of course after reading so many books and websites from what to start and how carefully I should be especially with lye, I am almost set to start and do my first batch. Before starting I carefully chose the essential oils I wanted to use. For this first batch I chose Orange and Goji Berry. I also wanted something else in my soap, I dehydrated orange peal, I then blended them and I used the powder from the orange peal to my recipe. The grapefruit seed extract that I added to this recipe is an excellent all-vegetable antioxidant. It contains vitamin C  and has proven to be antibacterial, deodorizing, and antiseptic.

Here are some pictures taken of the first batch of orange and goji berry soap after curing for about 5 weeks. 

All natural soaps