New Collection of Candles

tea cup

These days I have been taking photos with one of Greg's favorite cameras which he bought recently, the Sony A7RII and it’s really nice. Setting up the studio for the photo shoot, using the right props and getting the lights out is something that requires me to be in the right mood and energy level. I feel like when starting a new project (new shooting project in this case), the creative part of the brain initially needs some exercise to warm up. I have noticed this in my photos, I never really like the first photos at the beginning of each shoot. Gradually I see my photos get better and better as I take them and the use the camera. With that, recently I had some free time to take photos. I would love to share them with you because I think they are perfect for St. Valentines Day. 

Talking about St. Valentines Day we will be back @artistsandfleas in Williamsburg, Brooklyn for the weekend of Feb 6-7. Don't forget to stop by and smell the love of our candles. 

The most popular candle for this year

I wanted to share a few thoughts on our last couple of shows @artistfleas. They were a great success for our local and charming Ooh La La Petite Boutique. The beauty of the Artist and Fleas market in Williamsburg is that during the years it has become an attraction spot for many tourists looking for something unique, made in Brooklyn. Tourists from London, Barcelona, Bogota, Buenos Aires, Vienna, Munich, Bologna etc. stopped by our booth. It was so great to mingle with all the different cultures and speak many interesting languages, just a wonderful experience overall. However, I don’t to forget about my loyal American customers who came back to buy more of my candles. That was just so unbelievably great.

The 100% soy wax candles in teacups and mason jars were sold out by the last day of the show. Our customers were buying the teacups candles mainly for their dearest friends or family members and mason jars for themselves.

The number ONE candle was this Mason jar hand-painted in cooper and coated with green patina. I think this color can blend very well with any color or interior design.

The number TWO most favorite candles were the teacups. As there are very unique and one of the kind, they make a very special Christmas gift but also they can be great for housewarming, birthdays, St. Valentine Day and more.

The number THREE most popular was this Mason jar painted in bronze with a blue patina. It was more popular among male customers as the scents were more earthy and masculine.

Also the hand painted mason jar in green and red was very popular especially during these days where people are looking to buy something more Christmassy.

In the end I would say that we really enjoyed our time at the market and we are looking forward to go back the weekend before St. Valentines Day.

Happy Holidays everybody and wish you have a great time with your Family and Friends!

Lots of Love